Vinod Agrwal Shyam Bhajans

It was one day that my mom pointed out to me a bhajan singer on devotional tv channel. It was not the singer that she pointed to me. It was the magic created by the Hindi devotional song singer Shri Vinod Agarwal. Devotional bhajans are regularly shown on Shanskar Tv Channel, Aastha and Zee Jagran tv channel.

It is said that bhajan should be sung with bhava (emotions or feelings for the divine or the spiritual deity to whom the bhajan or song is dedicated).

That was precisely what was happening. Many of the devotional song listeners were seen rapt in the emotions. Few with eyes closed somewhere in the inner spiritual world. Some with tears flowing through their eyes. Some swaying in spiritual joy with the tunes of the bhajans or devotional songs. You will be able to see this in the video songs from youtube of Shraddhey Vinod Agarwal which will be listed on this page, as soon as they get posted. Just as done in Krishna Songs or Shiva songs.

Watching the video songs it looks like the spiritual energy or the grace of God or Krishna is much while Vinod Agarwal ji sings the bhajans. That is what bhakti sangeet (devotional music and songs) is for. Bhaktimeans devotion and sangeet means music and songs. The songs which helps to develop the devotion is bhakti sangeet. That is what happens when Sri Vinod Agarwalji sings the songs in devotion to Lord Krishna.

Other factor when he sings Krishna bhajans is he manages to change the tempo and rhythm of the song in a very natural way. Narrating the meanings or lyrics or telling a story concerning the lyrics, while the devotional song is going on is one more characteristic of Vinod Agarwalji’s singing.   It all happens with ease as if proving the lyrics of the first video song in this list.Karte ho Tum Kanaiya naam mera ho raha hai. Which means You are doing the work Kanaiya (a name of Lord Krishna) and I am getting the fame.

He sings the bhajans for free. He does not charge any money for singing or performing live. Free, may be in terms of money. But his bhajans does demand. They demand thebhava, attraction and feelings towards the divine. Where the giver also benefits. Because bhava when given increases. The laws of economics and spirituality are different :) The bhava flows freely during Shri Vinod Agarwal bhajans.

Non stop Radha Madhav Kirtan on Hindu religious festivals like  Janmashtami, Shivratri etc. is another specialization of Vinod Agrawalji. He conducts uninterrupted long sankirtan programs on Hindu religious festivals.
All the Hindi songs listed will have lyrics, and download mp3 options if legally available and links to buy the audio cd from which that particular video song.

Free Download And Listen Online Vinod Agarwal Bhajans_-_

1. Aao shyamji kanhaiya nandlalji.mp3

2. Ab to aaye milo ghanshyam.mp3

3. Bhaj man sri radhe.mp3

4. Chaap Tilak Sab Chini Re.mp3

5. Gopal muralia ware.mp3

6. Gopal Sanwaria Mere.mp3

Watch Here :-

      UMA LAHARI was singing since she was 7 year old. Inspired by her father Sh. Chander Shekhar Sharma (Lahariji), She performed in Jaipur on her first occurence.
She was guided by her Guru Shri Kundan Mal Sharma, who belongs to Padam Bhushan Pt.Shri Rajan Sajan Mishra (Banaras Gharana), from whom she learnt the Indian Classical Music/

     UMA LAHARI had performed all over India and has already sung in more then 5100 Bhakti Sangeet and Jagran Programme's in India (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Cuttack, Coimbatore, Tirupur, Bengaluru, Guwhati, Raipur, Nagpur, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Himachal & etc…..) and Abroad. Also she had given singing programme with well known big name's in Indian Musical Industries like Hari Om Sharan, Narendra Chanchal, Sonu Nigam, Anup Jalota, Anuradha Paudwal, Sadhana Sargam, Hans Raaj Hans, Richa Sharma and Lakhbir Singh.

Free Download And Listen Uma Lahari Bhajans Mp3 Here_-_


2. Koun Laagoo Mein Teri.mp3

3. Mere Hathon Mein Khicdoo.mp3

4. Sankirtan.mp3

Watch Uma Lahari Bhajans Here_-_

Rajasthani Folk Music And Bhajans By Veena Music

VEENA- The widely popular music establishment from the land of superlatives, Rajasthan, is committed to develop. preserve and promote the rich tradition of Rajastnani Folk- Music. The music created by "Veena:" is devoid of the commercial string attached to the so called popular music of today and presented in its pure traditional form preserving its rich heritage. 

The endeavor at "Veena" is to appraise music loving public at large aboutRajasthani Culture and its common rituals, fairs and festivals. "Veena" is proclaimed to be created with ever increasing popularity of Rajasthani Folk Music. In the last 4 years the company has released about 50 popular albums, out of 4 part of 'Ghoomar' has created a milestone in India as well as abroad. The ever increasing demand for "Veena" creation has prompted the company to start making CD of each cassette and around 40 audio Cds have so far been introduced.

The growing popularity of electronic media specially Doordarshan has resulted in increasing demand for VCDs. "Veena" has initiated shooting films on a very large scale on a vast canvas with the sole objective of promoting Rajasthan's rich traditional and cultural facets. In a very short span of only 1 year "Veena" has launched 10 VCDs and plan to launched another 5-6 VCDs by the end of third quarter of the year 2004 are on anvil. The mission is to introduce more and more people to the rich architectural and culture heritage of Rajasthan. The source of entertainment would also simultaneously bridge in information gap about incredible Rajasthan. Another first to company's credit was the successful running of a teleserial "Baton Baton Mein" in fact the only production in Rajasthani language on Metro Channel of Doordarshan. 'Gorband' being aired on Jaipur Doordarshan has already completed 91 episodes and has set new records of popularity and viewer ship.

Organizing cultural programme to promote and popularise folk music is Veena's forte, which has attracted huge crowd even in mega cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Nagpur, Hydrabad, Surat , Singapore, Aurangabad and On the foundation day of Jodhpur at Umed Bhawan Palace and other places in India in Rajasthan shows were presented at Jaipur ,Kota, Baran, Sikar, Jhunjhanu, Churu and Bundi where 15000 to 50000 people enjoyed the programme till late night at all places, for each of these programmes special light effects and sound effects are put to use with original soundtrack and the programme is presented on Computerized digital sound.

The next target of "Veena" is to attract non-Rajasthani people towards Rajasthani Folk music and songs and thus "Veena" will become ambassador of Rajasthani culture to promote tourism industry in international market.

VEENA - The Melody of Rajasthan

If you though, Rajasthani music is all about choli ke peeche kya hai and Dilli shahar mein mharo ghaghro jo ghoome….you might not have tuned to the music created by "Veena" cassettes. The leading 'Melody-Maker' of Rajasthan has vowed to provide a musical relief to the music aficionados who believe that Rajasthani music starts at vulgarity and ends at double meaning songs. 

At the Veena "The company is committed to develop, preserve and promote the rich tradition of Rajasthani Folk music, for that we are promoting youthful voice which can do justice to the colourful folk music of the state.

The Rajasthani album created by the company is in demand not only in rural areas but NRI from Rajasthan living different part of the world are said to begin their day by humming to the tune of Veena Cassettes. Our album "Ghoomar" created a new records as far as selling is concerned we have sold 20 lakh copies of this album till date and its remains hot favorite among the diehard fan of original Rajasthani music.

The album, which paints the real picture of Rajasthan through melody have evoked unprecedented response even in southern part of the county. 

If the Ghoomer was the largest selling album Gorband, another melodious journey of Veena Cassettes struck a beautiful note with music lovers "The foot taping beats of this album is a must in every cultural programme and festivals. We have tried to highlight culture and tradition of Rajasthan through songs.

In the last 3 years company has launched more than 25 albums. Latest to hit the stores is Leharion, which has started making musical waves in a short span of time.

Free Download Rajasthani Lok Bhajans By Veena Music:-

1. Aaj vrindavan.mp3

2. Bol hari bol.mp3





सदैव संदेह करने वाले व्यक्ति के लिए प्रसन्नता ना इस लोक में  है ना ही कहीं और . 
                                                                                                   _Srimadbhagwadgita  श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता

Anup Jalota (Hindi: अनुप जलोटा}{Urdu: انوپ جلوٹا) (born 29 July 1953) is an Indian singer/musician, best known for his performances in the Indian musical form, the bhajan and the Urdu form of poetry: ghazal.
He is popularly known as the Bhajan Samraat (Emperor of Bhajans).[1] Padmashree for 2012 has been conferred upon him in the field of Art-Indian Classical Music- Vocal

Free Download Anup Jalota Bhajans_-_

1. Aisi Lagi Lagan - Anup Jalota.mp3
2. Binti suno jagat ke swami - anup jalota.mp3
3. Bolo narayan - anup jalota.mp3
4. Daya karo bhagwan - anup jalota.mp3
5. Dil_main_dilbar_rehata_hai.mp3
6. Ek din sabko - anup jalota.mp3
7. Hey Prabhu Karye - Anup Jalota.mp3
8. Humsafar gham jo mohabbt -anup jalota.mp3
9. Jag Mein Sunder Hain Do Naam - Anup Jalota.mp3
10. Main Nahin Makhan Khayoi - Anup Jalota.mp3
11. Maine Lino Govind Mol - Anup Jalota.mp3
12. Mata Pita - Anup Jalota.mp3
13. Payoji maine ram ratan - anup jalota.mp3
14. Radha ke bina shyam aadha - anup jalota.mp3
15. Rang De Chunariyai - Anup Jalota.mp3
16. Vishnu priya mahalakshmi - anup jalota.mp3
17. Yeh Subh Din - Anup Jalota.mp3
18. Tan_Ke_Tambure_Mein.mp3

Tan Ke Tambure Mein Do Saanson Ke Hindi Lyrics :-

तन तम्बूरा,तार मन
अद्भुत है ये साज
हरी के कर से बज रहा
हरी ही है आवाज

तन के तम्बूरे में दो सांसो की तार बोले
जय सिया राम राम..जय राधे श्याम श्याम
अब तो इस मन के मंदिर में प्रभु का हुआ बसेरा
मगन हुआ मन मेरा,छूटा जनम जनम का फेरा
मन की मुरलिया में सुर का सिंगार बोले
जय सिया राम राम..जय राधे श्याम श्याम 

लगन लगी लीला धारी से, जगी रे जगमग ज्योति
राम नाम का हीरा पाया, श्याम नाम का मोती
प्यासी दो अंखियो में आंसुओ के धार बोले
जय सिया राम राम..जय राधे श्याम श्याम

तन के तम्बूरे में दो सांसो की तार बोले
जय सिया राम राम..जय राधे श्याम श्याम

Shri Gaurav Krishna Goswami Ji Maharaj Bhajans With His Father Shri Mridul Krishna Shastri Ji Maharaj.

Shredhya Shri Gaurav Krishan Goswami Ji Maharaj was born in a divine family of holy saints, in which, because of intense love and devotion, Shri Banke Bihari Ji had revealed himself in Nidhi Van (Vrindavan), Uttar Pradesh, India.

This family has two primarily objectives – Studying the divine scripture of Shrimad Bhagavat and Singing the glories of this holy text for the eternal benefit of mankind.

In the 15th century, in this holy land of Vrindavan, a divine Saint Swami Shri Haridas Ji Maharaj had incarnated. In this family of Swami Ji Maharaj, innumerable divine souls have been born who are experts in the language of Sanskrit and Shrimad Bhagavat Puran. In the same family, Acharya Goswami Shri Mool Bihari Ji Maharaj was born. He was a renowned scholar of Sanskrit language and Shrimad Bhagavat Puran.....

Free Download And Listen Online Shri Gaurav Krishna Ji Bhajans :-

1. Aali Ri Mahne Lage ri Vrindavan niko.mp3

2. Apni vani me amrit ghol.mp3

3. are makhan ki chori.mp3

4. asa krishna krishna kehna hai(punjabi bhajan)

5. bake bihari ki.mp3


O Rasna Radhe Radhe Bol Hindi Lyrics By Mridul Ji :-

!! अपनी वाणी में अमृत घोल !!
ओ रसना राधे राधे बोल

राधा जी नंदलाल नचावे !
इस छवि को भर के नयनन में
अंतर के पट खोल
ओ रसना राधे राधे बोल

अपनी वाणी में अमृत घोल
ओ रसना राधे राधे बोल !!

बिन राधा नही सजे बिहारी ,
बिन राधा नही मिले बनवारी
इनके चरण पकड़ ले नादा

भटक नजर कर डोल
ओ रसना राधे राधे बोल !!


     India, the land of holy people and great soul, remained the birth place of many ascetics since a long time before. Whenever the loss of righteous, justice and religion increases on this earth then God sends his holy soul to annihilate injustice and immorality and to enlighten people, society and this world regarding the God and His teachings. So that other people may lead a life.
Here Devi ji is the perfect epitome of above said words. At a age when a child remain dependent on its parents barely for speaking, at such age Devi ji has successfully preached so many "Bhagwat Kathas". She has got devotees across the world. Lots of devotees convey their deep reverence for Devi Ji.

Birth: -
On 19th January 1997 Devi Chitralekha ji (an enlightened and sacred soul) was born in a Brahman family from sacred womb of Smt. Chameli Devi wife of Shri Tikaram Sharma village Khambi, District Palwal, Haryana (India). This holy village comes in the circumference of Aadi Vrindavan. Due to this fact Devi ji has got Brij's all Divine culture spontaneously. After her birth lots of renowned saints and hermits came to her house to get a glimpse of this miraculous girl. They well totally mesmerized by her supernatural symptoms and made a prediction "she would surprise the people around the world as a great "enlightened person" in the near future".

Initiation: -
Devi ji was initiated in GAUDIYA VASHNAVISM (founded by Chitanya Mahaprabhu) when she was just 4 years old under the guidance of a Bangali saint called Shri Shri Girdhari Baba. In her family her parents and grandparents were already very religious.
When she was 6 years old, she went to Barsana to attend Ramesh Baba's (an esteemed saint of Brij) preaching program with her parents. Then in the last of preaching, Ramesh Baba handed over mike to Devi ji and asked her to say something. In obeisance to his directives she had spoken there for nearly half an hour impeccably and made all the people present their spellbound. Then Ramesh Baba himself blessed Devi ji and praised her. All people were astonished by her stunning performance. On that day everyone realized that Devi ji could also preach. Later on her guru ji (spiritual teacher) organized first preaching in Tapovan near Vrindavan (where katyani devi meditated for 6000 years incessantly to get Lord Krishna in the form of her Husband.). Everyone was scared even Devi ji's parents were also that she could not deliver 7 day's "Shri Bhagwat Katha". Her parents urged to the guru ji "we must organize 2 day preaching program instead of 7 day's Shri Bhagwat Katha". But guru ji had full faith in her divine powers. He raised his both hands and said "it is my blessing that 7 day's Shri Bhagwat Katha will remain successful because "Radha Mata" has shown me in my dream that flowers rain will fall here from heaven".

Teaching: -
There is no member in the family who knows how to preach "Bhagwat Katha" & play music, while Devi ji is fully capable in preaching, playing harmonium (musical instrument) and sings religious as well.Regarding "Bhagwat Katha", Devi ji is not taught "Bhagwat katha" from anywhere. Whatever she has done, is doing and will do in near future, everything is inspired by divine blessing of God. Her guru ji once suggested to Devi ji's parents that they would not have to send her for any kind of education to anywhere. But Devi ji is a person of opinion that even when "Shri Krishna" also went to "Sandipni Ashram" for higher education then why should not she. That's why she goes to a public school for her education.
So far devi ji has disseminated the "Name of God" in many areas of India like Bihar, Haryana, Delhi, uttrakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Utter Pradesh, Rajasthan, Nagaland, Punjab and mostly in entire Gujarat and apart from that devi ji has delivered discourse in foreign countries like U.K. , Africa and USA (Florida, Texas, Washington D.C., Maryland, New jersey, New York, Indiana, Boston).
One and only object of her life is to spread the wave of "Radha Krishan" and "Hare Krishan Mahamantra" in the entire world till the last of her life. In obedience to her guru's will, she is totally engrossed in this pious work.

Download Free Devi Chitralekha Ji Bhajans :-

1. Aaj braj me holi re rasiya.mp3

2. Ek tera sahara rahe.mp3

3. Hare krishna Hare krishna.mp3

4. Ras racho hai Ras racho hai.mp3

5. Teri bansi ki mein hu gulam.mp3

Aaj Biraj Mein HORI re rasiya, hOORi re rasiyaaaa, hORi re rasiya,

Hori rrrre rasiya, Hori rrrre rasiyaaa, Hoorri re rasiyyya, ho0ri re rasiya,
Aaj Biraj mein Hori reeee rasiyaaa, Hori re rasiya, Hori re rasiya…

Abira Gulaal ke Baadal chaye, baaadal chaye, baaadal chaye,
Dhoom machaye re sab mil rasiya, hori re rasiya, hori re rasiya

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