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Shri Gaurav Krishna Goswami Ji Maharaj Krishna Bhajans

Shri Mridul Krishna Shastri Ji Maharaj And Shri Gaurav Krishna Goswami Ji Maharaj Mp3, Bhajan,Songs,Videos,Wallpapers, Lyrics, Hindhi Free Download And Play Online

Bhajans by Gaurav Krishna Goswami Ji And Shri Mridul Krishna Shastri Ji Maharaj Bhajans
 In the same family, the world renowned emerald of Bhagavat Katha, Shredhya Acharya Goswami Shri Mridul Krishan Shastri Ji Maharaj was born. Whenever he through his divine voice and devotion, sings the glories of Shrimad Bhagavat, it seems as if “Dharam” itself has incarnated and standing on its pillars. Because of his divine singing and explaining the text of Shrimad Bhagavat in a simple language, he holds a unique and outstanding place amidst the saints who sing the glories of this Mahapuran. In the lap of such a divine soul (as the father) and mother, Smt. Vandana Goswami Ji, Acharya Shri Gaurav Krishan Shastri Ji Maharaj was born. From the childhood, Shri Gaurav had an intense desire that the holy family tradition of studying Shrimad Bhagavat and singing its glories continues.
He received his primary education in an English medium and also gained full knowledge of the sanskrit language and got the holy title of Vyakran Acharya. Apart from his learning, he also listened to 108 weekly Bhagavat kathas from his holy Guru and father Pujya Shri Mridul Krishan Shastri Ji Maharaj before sitting on the Vyas Peeth for the first time.

तोहमतें तो लगती रहीं रोज़ नई नई.....हम पर....
मगर जो सब से हसीन इलज़ाम था वो .......तेरा नाम था कान्हा ....

Free Download Shri Gaurav Ji Maharaj Shri Mridul Ji Maharaj Bhajans :-

1. banke bihari hamko dena.mp3

2. Banke Bihari Teri Aarti Utaroo.mp3

3. Banke~Bihari Ji Ka Tedhapan.mp3

4. Banki bihari jay ho tumari.mp3

5. Bhulo Mat Pyare.mp3

6. Bihari ji Braj me ghar mera basa doge to kya hoga.mp3

Banke Bihari Jai Ho Tumhari Hindhi Lyrics :-

बांके बिहारी जय हो तुम्हारी......
बांके बिहारी जय हो तुम्हारी.........

चले आओ अब तो ओ प्यारे कन्हैया......... 
तान कहीं लहराय गई.....

तुम मिले तो लगा जिंदगी मिल गई.......
रोम प्रति रोम झंकृत अलंकृत हुआ......
सुबह की किरण मिल गई....... 

छैल-छबीले सुंदर मेरा बांके बिहारी .......
बांके बिहारी जय हो तुम्हारी

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